Frequently Asked Questions

Dashboard Anywhere is owned by FCA LLC USA, and FCA is responsible for managing the platform so that users can monitor their cars’ maintenance and customization. A Dashboard Anywhere Account can only be accessed by registered members, so credentials are required to log in via Dashboard Anywhere Login, Dashboard Anywhere Employee Login, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it necessary to register with Dashboard Anywhere?

  • You can learn about the vehicle’s equipment and warranty offers.
  • It is easy to select a preferred dealer, and appointments can be scheduled fairly easily.
  • It is possible to keep track of the maintenance history and be on-trend.
  • You can manage and get vehicle subscriptions.
  • You can customize the dashboard of your vehicle to suit your needs.

What are the most important details I need to remember when changing my password?

Dashboard Anywhere’s password wizard is a self-service system that fully assists in retrieving your password. You can change your password or retrieve your forgotten password using the password wizard option. You must create a compelling profile with challenging questions and answers when you choose any of the above options.

I am a new user of the Chrysler Dashboard Anywhere. How can I obtain the login information?

If you have not yet registered with Dashboard Anywhere or if you are a new user, you should contact customer support. Contact them at 866-322-3274 for your login details.

There is a problem opening or accessing the password wizard web page. What can I do?

If you are experiencing any kinds of accessibility issues with your web page, you might have enabled the cookies option in your browser. You should delete the cookies in your browser. Furthermore, ensure that your browser is free of temporary files and create a new session of browsing to access the password wizard.